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December 27, 2016

Winter College Team Apparel To Check Out - Part Two

In our previous blog, Winter College Team Apparel To Check Out - Part One, we discussed two clothing options that are perfect for you to wear this winter season. One of the worst things about winter is not being able to wear cute clothes and be warm at the same time. When you shop at Flying Colors our college team apparel is able to make you look modish and keep you warm. Staying toasty in cute clothing can be difficult because of the thin material, but not with our clothes. Don’t let the cold weather hinder your outfit choice. 

Two Warm Modish Clothes That Are Must-Haves In Your Closet

We picked these two clothing options because they are both warm, high-quality clothing, and able to show your team spirit. What’s great about our clothing is that you can show your school spirit without being overbearing and not your usual fashionista self. Both of these clothing options will keep you cozy whether you’re running to your next class or going out for the night. Lastly, the clothes are stylish and won’t make you look bulky or like you were swallowed by clothes. Instead of throwing on the first thing you see to rush off to class, take the time to dress yourself in college team apparel.

Ultimate Fan Jersey

Do you love wearing sweatshirts in the winter? Do you enjoy the coziness that a great sweatshirt provides? Our Ultimate Fan Jerseys can offer you everything a sweatshirt can offer you with more style. When you wear sweatshirts it gives off a look of frumpiness and that you don’t care about your appearance. Even if you are in college, wearing a sweatshirt can give you the appearance that you don’t care about what you wear. When you wear a sweatshirt you can’t see your silhouette and it shows you're more interested in comfort instead of style. There’s nothing wrong with wearing sweatshirts if you're comfortable in them, but sometimes it’s best if you take the time to brighten up your outfit.

Our Ultimate Fan Jerseys comes in a variety of colors for a variety of colleges. You can wear these Ultimate Fan Jerseys with anything on your lower half as well. If you want to wear leggings, jeans, slacks, or printed pants, do it. You’re able to feel more comfortable on your lower half while looking more fashionable in this Ultimate Fan Jersey on your upper half.

Hi-Lo Tee With Scrunch

If you aren’t a fan of long-sleeved shirts, then this Hi-Lo Tee with Scrunch is perfect for you. Sometimes, it can be a pain wearing long sleeved shirts because they get caught in things, they cover up your hands if the sleeves are too long and they can make your upper body look smaller than it really is. This Hi-Lo Tee with Scrunch gives you the best of both worlds. You’re able to stay warm without letting your arms drown in long sleeve shirts. If your sleeves also get in the way of your work, this shirt is perfect. With scrunch sleeves, your arms will look longer, leaner, and you’ll look more put together. This shirt comes in an abundance of colors too, so no matter what your school colors are, you able to find something to match your school spirit and brighten your outfit up. This shirt looks best with jeans, slacks, jeggings, leggings, and skirts.

Shop with us and order from our college team apparel selection.

December 14, 2016

Winter College Team Apparel To Check Out - Part One

It can be hard dressing stylishly and warmly in the winter. Most of the time, especially when you’re headed to class, all you want to do is dress in cozy sweaters, leggings, sweats, and UGG boots. It can be easy to throw on a sweatshirt and comfortable pants for the day, but you aren’t able to show off your inner fashionista. At Flying Colors, our main job is to allow you the option of dressing as stylishly as possible with our college team apparel. When you are given the opportunity to dress stylishly and warmly, many more doors will open up to you and allow you to look as good as possible. Instead of wearing your usual uniform of jeans, sweatshirts, and boots, you’ll be able to dress stylishly in our assortment of college team apparel. Take advantage of what we have to offer and place your order for comfortable, warm, and fashion-forward clothes.

Two Warm Modish Clothes That Are Must-Haves In Your Closet

One of the best attributes about our clothing is that our clothes can do three things for you. First, you can dress warmly. If you live in a cold winter place, this is very important. Even if you live in a slightly warmer place, such as Alabama, Georgia, or North Carolina, you’re still going to face cold weather. Second, our clothes are fashionable. Even though they might be warm, you won’t have to dress frumpy; instead, you can take advantage of clothes that are warm and fashionable. Third, with our college team apparel can show your team spirit. No matter where you go to school, we have an assortment of college team apparel from a myriad of schools all over the country. Stay warm, fashionable, and show your team spirit with some of our clothes. We picked the two must-have college team apparel pieces that you should have in your closet this winter.

Button Back Pocket Dress

Our Button Back Pocket Dress comes in a variety of colors for all college team apparel. At our college apparel stores, we wanted to provide a dress you can wear with anything and that would look stylish and be comfortable. Many winter dresses are either too thin for the cold season or they are too bulky to really make your body - whatever your body type - look good. This dress you can be worn with stockings and boots, leggings and cute booties, or jeans and UGGs. However you decide to wear this dress, you’ll be able to see your silhouette and stay warm all day.

Asymmetrical Tunic

What’s great about our Asymmetrical Tunics is that they come in many different colors and types, so whatever color you look best in you’ll be able to show off your best attributes. A great way to make this Asymmetrical Tunic stand out is with a cute scarf, statement necklace, or a belt to make your waist stand out. Our Asymmetrical Tunics are adorable with a pair of boots and jeans, too. Jeans are a great lower choice, but you can stay comfortable and fashionable with funky leggings and boots of varying lengths.

Stay stylish and warm and shop with us.

December 07, 2016

Ways To Relax This Winter Break

Winter break is the time to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate yourself. At Flying Colors, we want to make sure you are prepared for the new year and to do that, you should check out our many amazing college team apparel to show your true team spirit colors. When you go home for winter break, it’s a great time to really show your school spirit over winter break in your hometown and how proud you are to go to your school. Before you head home for the holidays, take some time to shop our college team apparel and show your school pride.

Three Pampering Activities To Do This Winter Break

It’s a time to see your family and friends after your time away. It’s the time to go home and enjoy living under your parents house again. It’s also the time to celebrate holidays with the people you love and who love you. In addition, it’s time to celebrate the fact that you were able to get through another semester of school unscathed. Instead of taking the time to re-watch The Office or Parks & Recreation again, take some time to really relax and pamper yourself the way you should be pampered. You’ll be able to recharge your mind and when the next semester rolls around you’ll be prepared to start fresh.

Buy Yourself Some Team Gear

Reward yourself for surviving the long semester. You’ve finished finals, packed up all of your laundry to take home, and are headed home to overbearing parents and friends you aren’t sure if you’ll still have the same connection with. Take the time you need to realize how incredible you’ve done this past semester. You’ve survived difficult classes, studied hard for finals, and gotten along relatively well with your roommate. You deserve a pat on the back so you can realize what a great job you’ve done this past semester. When you take the time to reward yourself you’ll be able to realize how great you did this year. When you’re out shopping for other people this holiday season, take the time to purchase yourself something as well. A great present to buy yourself is college sports clothing from our college apparel stores. When you take the time to purchase college team apparel from us you’re showing your school spirit and you’re looking stylish. Reward yourself by purchasing college team apparel.

Pamper Yourself

No matter if you are a man or a woman pampering yourself is the best way to treat yourself. What relaxes you the most? Do you want an overall spa day? Do you enjoy getting your toes and nails painted? Do you like home facials with fancy products? Do you want to make your hair happy with a hair mask? What part of your body needs some loving? You could try to do an overall spa day and relax every single body parts that need some love. Start with a hair mask and lounge around all day in a fluffy bathrobe as you avoid facing the cold. A hair mask will help to condition your hair and get it into great shape. Your hair is just as important as every other part of your body and needs attention. Take some time to go get a manicure or pedicure or do it yourself. Pick a fun, festive, or your usual nail color and paint your nails. Make an at-home facial with holistic products or buy some fancy facial products to primp yourself. Whatever you decide remember to treat your body.

Cook For Yourself

It’s great going out to eat or coming home to a meal cooked by your parents after only eating cafeteria food, but sometimes you want to cook for yourself. If you’ve never cooked for yourself, try to start small and slowly work up to something a little bigger. If you like to eat healthy, flip through the millions of healthy websites that have great recipes. If you want to make yourself a fancy dessert, try that too. What kind of food do you like? Instead of ordering it when you go out to eat or having your parents cook it for you, try cooking it yourself. Whip up a really nice dinner and enjoy eating what you created. If you are a novice in the kitchen, try out some simple salads or bake some chicken to start small. Pick a dish that sounds yummy in your tummy.

Pick your college team apparel from our selection of schools and place your order today.

November 30, 2016

Five Studying Tips During Midterm Week

At Flying Colors, we want you to stay comfortable this cold season. As the weather begins to feature snow and dropping temperatures, you’ll need to begin to invest in some comfortable clothing, especially as midterms approach. When midterms are here, it’s almost impossible to be thinking of anything else, mainly about what outfit will look best to make that cute boy or girl in class notice you. Midterms are about comfortable clothes, too much junk food, mainlining caffeine, and staying up all night to read about Shakespeare and physics. If this is your first dose of midterms, you’ll realize how little people actually notice what they are wearing. If you’re a pro at midterms, then try out some of these studying tips to ensure you ace your exams. As a gameday boutique, we offer gameday clothing that is comfortable and depicts your school spirit. Check out our gameday clothing selection for your school, and support your college team with gameday outfits that will provide comfort this midterm season.

Below are a few tips to help you ace your exams. To purchase comfortable and stylish gameday outfits, check out our website.

Create Your Own Study Guide

In most of your classes, you’ve probably received a study guide to help you focus on the areas you need to focus on for the exam. The study guide is probably thick and details everything you’ve learned from the beginning of the semester or quarter to the end. It’s almost impossible to remember what you learned at the beginning of the semester or quarter, so studying the provided study guides is a good idea. On the other hand, studies show that if you write out notes and see the notes in your own handwriting, you’re more liable to remember what exactly you need to remember. Instead of studying the electronic or typed up study guide, try making your own study guide by writing everything out. In addition, re-reading areas you’ve forgotten or learned months ago will help you focus on details and allow you to relearn the material.

Attend Review Sessions

You might have been doing this all semester, but most students don’t. Most students wait until the end of the semester to go to the review sessions. No matter what kind of student you are, it would be in your best interest to attend the review sessions because most of the time, the professor will tell you what you need to know at the review sessions. In most review sessions, you’ll learn the exact format of the exam and what the key concepts and focus will be. On the study guide, you’ll learn the basics of what needs to be known for the exam, but by attending the review sessions, you’ll be privy to information you wouldn’t otherwise know. Attend at least one review session to see the difference in how well you ace a test; you’ll notice how much better you do.

Start Early

This tip applies to anything school related. Start early on projects, papers, and studying for exams to eliminate the anxiety and stress you’ll feel if you start the night before. You might be one of the many people who procrastinate everything, but by starting early you’ll feel prepared and anxiety-free. Don’t cram in studying the night before; instead, create a schedule almost a month in advance to prepare yourself for each exam. It might seem a little excessive, but in the end, you’ll be happy that you did it. If there’s a class that’s been giving you trouble, you’ll be able to ask the necessary questions to figure out what exactly you need to concentrate on to ace the exam. If you follow one tip on this list, make it starting early when preparing for exams so you’ll perform at tip-top shape.

Group Study Sessions

Group study sessions are great because if there is anything you don’t know, someone in the group can probably re-teach it to you. Group studying will help you relearn the areas that you’re struggling with and ask the appropriate questions to ensure you have a firm grasp on the subject. Group studying will help to separate parts of the study guide and allow you to quiz each other on the different areas. Group studying is really a double edged sword, however, because if you choose a group to study with that’s made up of your friends, you may have a difficult time studying. If the group is made up of people you feel like you’ll spend too much time socializing with, it might be best to study by yourself or with a person you know will keep you on task.

Quiz Yourself

If you don’t do well with studying with others, either because you like to socialize or you can’t concentrate, you can always study by yourself. When you study by yourself, try quizzing yourself as well. Make flashcards with questions from the study guide on them. Depending on the subject you’re studying, the flashcards might be multiple choice questions, essay questions, equations for science or math, or vocabulary words for an English class. Color coding your flashcards is also a great idea to help you keep everything organized. Quizzing yourself and talking to yourself out loud will help your memory recognize certain words and remember the answer.

Keep in mind that you should get a lot of rest the night before your exam and not show up like you rolled out of bed. You can dress comfortably, but take the time to get ready, eat a healthy breakfast, and look over your notes. Our gameday clothing will offer you the comfort you need for sitting in a chair during an exam for hours and will allow you to look put together to survive midterms week.

To find your clothing necessities for midterm week, shop in our gameday boutique. Our clothes are great for showing your school spirit on the field or court and off of it. Show your school pride during midterms in our gameday clothing.

November 23, 2016

Great Presents To Give This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and that means you need to start finding gifts for your family and friends. It can be difficult to find the perfect present to give your friends, especially as a college student with limited means. Some of the best presents you can give your friends might just be under your nose. For instance, how many amazing sporting events have you and your friends been to and none of you are showing your school pride? Fortunately, we can assist you in showing your school spirit. At Flying Colors, our college team apparel is a great purchase as a gift for your friends. Flying Colors caters to college sports gear that is cute, fashionable, and chic. Share your fashion sense with your friends, and ensure that everyone in your crew looks cute for the football, basketball, baseball, or other sports game.

Why Should I Buy College Team Apparel As A Present?

There are a few great reasons to buy college team apparel for your friends this holiday season. Not only will your friends be able to take a page out of your fashion sense and apply it to themselves, they’ll also be able to support your college team. No one will be left looking less than spirited; all of your friends will be showing your school pride loud and proud.

One of the best aspects of college is the social life you’re able to build and the indelible memories you’re able to create. A social life in college centers around college sporting events, parties, and meeting people in classes. There are so many activities that center around the college sporting life, it’s important to purchase game day clothing that can be worn proudly on game day. Just as you want to look good on gameday, your friends do as well. Check out our wide variety of college team apparel clothing to see what your friend would look best in.

Another great reason to buy your friends college apparel for a present is you can begin to plan out matching outfits to wear to the game. Imagine, your group of friends will all be wearing matching shirts to show school pride. It might seem a little corny dressing all alike, but by showing your school spirit and wearing the same shirts and colors, you’re displaying your camaraderie and creating memories you’ll always remember. Just don’t forget to paint your faces with your school colors as well to show your love for your college.

What Are My Options?

We aim to offer college sports clothing that is affordable and stylish. We offer so many different options when it comes to college team apparel. Here are some of the clothing options you can gift your friends this holiday season:

  • Asymmetric Tunic
  • Bell Sleeve Dress
  • Boxy Tank
  • Button Back Pocket Dress
  • Color Blocked Thermal
  • Crochet Pocket swingy Tank
  • Comfy Cardigan
  • And more!
Remember to shop for yourself at our college apparel store too, and check out the many cute, stylish clothes we offer.

To place an order for college team apparel, just pick your college and get started. Order now!

October 28, 2016

Top Football Teams Ranked by Academics

It may seem obvious that the schools with the best football teams belong to higher ranking schools, but that’s not always the case. When a school is focused on academics, like ivy league schools, it makes sense that the football team may not be on the Dean’s List. No matter where you team is ranked, find the apparel you want to represent your team with college football clothing at Flying Colors Apparel.

#1 - Stanford Cardinals

It’s no surprise that the ivy league giant is at number one. Just under 17,000 students, the average SAT score is 2210. In 2014, the Cardinals had an 8-5 record, the lowest it’s been since 2009. Their mascot, the Stanford tree, needs some sunshine.  

#2 - Notre Dame Fighting Irish        

With a graduation rate of 90 percent, one of the top private schools in the country, was not at the top of their game. With another disappointing record of 8-5, their mascot, the Leprechaun, didn’t bring them much luck.


#3 - USC Trojans      

The University of Southern California, with a record of 9-4, finished the season ranking at number 20. Being the largest school in California, it ranks highly for acceptance rate and graduation rate, but needed a little help from the Trojan Horse to pull off the fight on the field.

#4 - UCLA Bruins

University of California at Los Angeles has been successful recently, but it took almost two decades to get to this point. They ranked number 10, the highest since 1998. A prestigious public school, they ranked in the top 10 percent for acceptance rate and the average SAT score is 1950.

#5 - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Buzzing to the top on both fronts in the state of Georgia, Georgia Tech beat out University of Georgia and finished number 7. Georgia Tech also has the highest average SAT score of 2145. They also ranked in the top 10 percent for acceptance rate. However, the 4-year graduation rate is 34 percent.

Whether you have a soft spot for California teams, think the Irish Leprechaun is cute or you truly have a loyalty to your alma mater, you can find the right college sports apparel at Flying Colors Apparel. With a variety of options including striped and polka-dot dresses, flowy tanks, rompers, halters and tunics, all using your favorite team’s colors, you can show your support in style. Shop today and prepare for your big game.

October 25, 2016

What Not To Wear at the Big Game

Sporting events can sometimes be like music festivals; you can let your spirit overflow onto your fashion choices, mixing combat boots with overalls, or a mini skirt with a tube top, but there are items that should be left at home sometimes. Sports fanatics are out there, but even they want to represent their team by sporting fashionable choices. Find the college sports apparel you need at Flying Colors Apparel and trust that we don’t lead you in the wrong direction.

The Wrong Kind of Hat

Everyone has seen it at least once, the visors with fake hair sewn into the band. Don’t give your favorite player a reason to roll their eyes; represent your team with style. Let the Wisconsin cheese heads wear foam blocks of cheese, which is allowed because it’s clever and cute. Visors need to stay on the golf course and fake hair needs to stay at home.


Unfortunately, mistakes do happen, but don’t let a simple spelling error ruin your night. Your favorite baseball player might be Jarrod Saltalamacchia, but a simple Google search can assist you in keeping spelling errors off your jersey.

Which Sport?

For sports fanatics, it might be hard to believe, but there are people out there who don’t know that the Washington Nationals is a baseball team. But when you’re going to a sports game, it’s imperative that you’re wearing a jersey that matches the sport you are going to watch. Keep your favorite Bulls jersey at home when you’re going to a Cubs game.


Unless you’re the team coach, leave the suit at home. When you’re going straight from the office to the game, take the extra couple minutes to pack a few items to change into. Doing this will keep you comfortable and you won’t have to worry about dripping mustard on your favorite tie.

Half & Half Jerseys

Half & half is what you put in your coffee, not when you want to combine Peyton Manning’s Colts and Broncos jerseys. It is an easy fix, and who isn’t a Peyton Manning fan? But stick with the person or the team rather than combining two team jerseys and leaving people confused about what your loyalty is.

You can represent your team and add your own flare of style to any outfit that you want to wear to the big game, but remember to keep it simple and keep it classy. With the help of Flying Colors Apparel, you can be decked out in a variety of clothing options and you will have style and fashion on your side. Choose the winning, right college team apparel with Flying Colors Apparel.

October 24, 2016

Find The Right College Gear

When you’re a sports fan, but don’t have a “team” it can be hard to know what to wear when you go out with friends to watch a game. Those of you who have moved around a lot or if you have more than one team you want to support, get everything you need at Flying Colors Apparel. Flying Colors Apparel is not your typical college gear store who have sweatshirts only. We have a variety of clothes that will not only support your team, but fit your personality and style as well. Striped and polka-dot dresses, flowy tanks, rompers, halters and tunics, all using your favorite team’s colors.

Did you just move and you’re not quite ready to put on that new state’s clothing? Go with what you love. Even if you’re at a sports bar watching the big game, loyalty goes a long way and supporting your first love’s team colors will be appreciated by anyone. If you are a people pleaser and want to keep everyone happy, wear classic white or black and then accessorize with colors that simply represent your team without being over the top. A classy scarf or a wide wrist band can go a long way in showing that you have team spirit.

When you have two team loves, whether you lived in both states, or maybe your significant other’s team won you over,  it can be difficult to choose what to wear. While wearing both team colors at once is a faux pas, keep in mind that you can’t please everyone. Keep it simple when you need to compromise on colors.

Maneuvering college team apparel can be tricky, but in the end, always be true to yourself. No matter where you grew up, or went to school; if you love sports, wear the colors that bring out your personality and style. Shop through Flying Colors Apparel and find the exact piece of college sports apparel that will support your team and yourself.

October 19, 2016

How to Prepare for Away games

Away games are dangerous ground to tread on. Hostile territory, in the midst of the enemy, and you are blatantly wearing colors that trigger their unhappy button. This is an exciting adventure you’ve decided to go on, but we don’t want you to be unprepared for what might happen. Flying Colors™ wants to make your away game experience as fun as possible (while also giving some trouble to the home team.)
College Away Gameday Apparel

Have a Plan

It seems to go without saying, but have an idea of what you are doing before you head to your team’s away game. There’s enough intensity with your being there in the first place, so make it easier on yourself by planning ahead. Things like having your outfit picked beforehand, knowing generally where you’re going to park, what you will be doing after the game, and how you will be getting home should be on the list. Having these things taken care ahead of time will make it much easier to enjoy the gameday experience on enemy turf.

Wear Your Team Loudly

If you plan on venturing into an opposing team’s house, there’s no point in trying to blend in. We at Flying Colors™ suggest the complete opposite and instead, going as loud as possible. Wear your team color game day glam dress, put team-colored bows in your hair, paint your face, carry around the team mascot, anything you can do to make sure the home team knows you and your school spirit are in town. Team colors are also a good way you can find other fans representing your school so you can all band together to really get a rise from your hosts.

Don’t Be Those Fans

Yes, you should obviously root for your team, and do so loudly. No, you shouldn’t be rude to the other team in their hometown. Prodding and picking on each other is to be expected, but always do it with some humility. Win or lose, it’s just a game and everyone is there to enjoy the experience. Win graciously, lose with some poise and get ready to do it all over again next week.

Home or away game, be sure to rock your Flying Colors apparel to make the opposing fans envious of your team spirit.
October 16, 2016

Three Laundry Tips

For some people, going to college is the first time they’ve ever done their laundry themselves. It can be daunting, scary, and you might make a few mistakes as you try to navigate the laundry room, doing your own laundry, and buying your own detergent. Don’t be scared of doing your own laundry. Don’t be afraid of the laundry room, and don’t fear turning your clothing pink or shrinking them. By following these simple steps to doing your own laundry, you’ll become a pro in no time. The most important rule to follow is to make sure to wash your college apparel according to the label, especially with your college team apparel. You don’t want to be the only one at the game without team apparel, or worse, destroyed team apparel.

Tip One: Detergent

Detergent is key to figuring out how to do your laundry. When you are in college, it’s a lot different to wash your clothes, in comparison to when you’re older and can use more expensive detergent or more environmentally friendly detergent. The sad truth is when you’re in college you don’t have a lot of money and have to settle for less expensive items. This is why, at Flying Colors, our items are right in your price range and are easy to wash.

When it comes to detergent, you have a few options. Always check out the dollar store to see what kinds of detergent they have, or you can go for a bigger bottle that can last you longer but will be pricer. If you want to make your life even easier, check out the detergent pods so all you have to do is pop them in and you’re done. It can be a struggle to take down your laundry, the bottle of detergent, softener, and any other little items you need to bring to the laundry room. Make your life easier and your load lighter by purchasing detergent pods.

Tip Two: Supplies

When you go to college you realize how expensive everything is. You realize you have to purchase everything instead of relying on your parents. This is why it’s important to keep an eye on your supplies. Leaving your detergent in the laundry room is asking for someone else to take it, use it, or to accidentally throw it away. Make sure to keep an eye on all of your belongings so someone doesn’t take them. Don’t be too trusting; even if your college is the most honorable one around, people will use items that have been left out. In addition, make sure you are aware of when you put in your clothes into the washer and dryer. You don’t want someone to get annoyed and throw your items on the floor. Avoid any hassle in the laundry room and any missing items by watching your belongings carefully and making sure to set an alarm to alert you when your laundry is finished.

Tip Three: Moderation

College isn’t like being at home. There’s no mother or father to berate you or tell you to clean your room. In addition, your mother or father won’t tell you to do your laundry. Don’t wait until the last minute to wash your clothes or wait until Sunday when everyone else is doing their laundry to wash your clothes. Don’t wait until your bin is overflowing, and do your laundry in moderation. Try to set one day or evening aside so you are able to wash your clothing. Take a book, computer, tablet, or some homework with you to the laundry room and set up shop as your clothing is washed. You don’t want to bring a basket full of clothes to a full laundry room and have to take all day or evening to clean your items. In addition, your roommate won’t like you too much if your dirty clothes are overflowing and smelly.

At Flying Colors, we make washing our college sports apparel easy. Check out our college sports clothing and make sure you’re well dressed with the best apparel at the next college basketball or football game this winter. Shop with us today.

Get it for the game: most orders are shipped the same day!

Size Chart
SIZE 0-2 4-6 8 10-12 14
BUST 31-33 34-35 36 37- 38.5 40
WAIST   25-26 27-28 29 30- 31 32
HIP 35-36 37-38 39 40 -41 42
CHEST 39 40 41 42.5 44.5
HEM 39 40 41 42.5 44
WAIST 28-30 32-34 36 38 40