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Winter College Team Apparel To Check Out - Part Two

In our previous blog, Winter College Team Apparel To Check Out - Part One, we discussed two clothing options that are perfect for you to wear this winter season. One of the worst things about winter is not being able to wear cute clothes and be warm at the same time. When you shop at Flying Colors our college team apparel is able to make you look modish and keep you warm. Staying toasty in cute clothing can be difficult because of the thin material, but not with our clothes. Don’t let the cold weather hinder your outfit choice. 

Two Warm Modish Clothes That Are Must-Haves In Your Closet

We picked these two clothing options because they are both warm, high-quality clothing, and able to show your team spirit. What’s great about our clothing is that you can show your school spirit without being overbearing and not your usual fashionista self. Both of these clothing options will keep you cozy whether you’re running to your next class or going out for the night. Lastly, the clothes are stylish and won’t make you look bulky or like you were swallowed by clothes. Instead of throwing on the first thing you see to rush off to class, take the time to dress yourself in college team apparel.

Ultimate Fan Jersey

Do you love wearing sweatshirts in the winter? Do you enjoy the coziness that a great sweatshirt provides? Our Ultimate Fan Jerseys can offer you everything a sweatshirt can offer you with more style. When you wear sweatshirts it gives off a look of frumpiness and that you don’t care about your appearance. Even if you are in college, wearing a sweatshirt can give you the appearance that you don’t care about what you wear. When you wear a sweatshirt you can’t see your silhouette and it shows you're more interested in comfort instead of style. There’s nothing wrong with wearing sweatshirts if you're comfortable in them, but sometimes it’s best if you take the time to brighten up your outfit.

Our Ultimate Fan Jerseys comes in a variety of colors for a variety of colleges. You can wear these Ultimate Fan Jerseys with anything on your lower half as well. If you want to wear leggings, jeans, slacks, or printed pants, do it. You’re able to feel more comfortable on your lower half while looking more fashionable in this Ultimate Fan Jersey on your upper half.

Hi-Lo Tee With Scrunch

If you aren’t a fan of long-sleeved shirts, then this Hi-Lo Tee with Scrunch is perfect for you. Sometimes, it can be a pain wearing long sleeved shirts because they get caught in things, they cover up your hands if the sleeves are too long and they can make your upper body look smaller than it really is. This Hi-Lo Tee with Scrunch gives you the best of both worlds. You’re able to stay warm without letting your arms drown in long sleeve shirts. If your sleeves also get in the way of your work, this shirt is perfect. With scrunch sleeves, your arms will look longer, leaner, and you’ll look more put together. This shirt comes in an abundance of colors too, so no matter what your school colors are, you able to find something to match your school spirit and brighten your outfit up. This shirt looks best with jeans, slacks, jeggings, leggings, and skirts.

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Size Chart
SIZE 0-2 4-6 8 10-12 14
BUST 31-33 34-35 36 37- 38.5 40
WAIST   25-26 27-28 29 30- 31 32
HIP 35-36 37-38 39 40 -41 42
CHEST 39 40 41 42.5 44.5
HEM 39 40 41 42.5 44
WAIST 28-30 32-34 36 38 40