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Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to our blog, where we will be exploring the world of college team apparel as well as many other topics we feel you should know about to fully enjoy the college experience. Our blog will cover a variety of topics that range from college life, finding a happy medium between all of the new exciting opportunities that are now available, enhancing the college experience, and college sports apparel. Flying Colors™ is a brand founded on the passion of college sports with an innovative twist. We want to take the classic sports fan and offer you something more with our creative college sports apparel. If you love college apparel stores, then you've found the right place. Read on to discover how Flying Colors can help further your college spirit.

Why Shop At Flying Colors Apparel?

We are a company that focuses on the traditional college sports apparel and creating a new angle for it. We do this by taking college basketball, baseball, and other college sports apparel and approaching it with a unique twist. Our main focus is to make sure that our college sports apparel is fun, comfortable, and, most importantly, supporting your college team. The center of our interest is to ensure that you feel fresh wearing our clothes and pride for your college team.

What We Can Offer You

We offer you a myriad of college apparel options, but, most importantly, we help you demonstrate your pride for your school. Our average customer will lead, not follow and will relate to our slogan of “Wear With Pride™”. It is our desire to cater to our customers and ensure their satisfaction with our college team apparel.

If you love college sports apparel and you want to support your school and your team, then you’ve found the right place. Click on your school to start shopping today. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Size Chart
SIZE 0-2 4-6 8 10-12 14
BUST 31-33 34-35 36 37- 38.5 40
WAIST   25-26 27-28 29 30- 31 32
HIP 35-36 37-38 39 40 -41 42
CHEST 39 40 41 42.5 44.5
HEM 39 40 41 42.5 44
WAIST 28-30 32-34 36 38 40