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Ways To Relax This Winter Break

Winter break is the time to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate yourself. At Flying Colors, we want to make sure you are prepared for the new year and to do that, you should check out our many amazing college team apparel to show your true team spirit colors. When you go home for winter break, it’s a great time to really show your school spirit over winter break in your hometown and how proud you are to go to your school. Before you head home for the holidays, take some time to shop our college team apparel and show your school pride.

Three Pampering Activities To Do This Winter Break

It’s a time to see your family and friends after your time away. It’s the time to go home and enjoy living under your parents house again. It’s also the time to celebrate holidays with the people you love and who love you. In addition, it’s time to celebrate the fact that you were able to get through another semester of school unscathed. Instead of taking the time to re-watch The Office or Parks & Recreation again, take some time to really relax and pamper yourself the way you should be pampered. You’ll be able to recharge your mind and when the next semester rolls around you’ll be prepared to start fresh.

Buy Yourself Some Team Gear

Reward yourself for surviving the long semester. You’ve finished finals, packed up all of your laundry to take home, and are headed home to overbearing parents and friends you aren’t sure if you’ll still have the same connection with. Take the time you need to realize how incredible you’ve done this past semester. You’ve survived difficult classes, studied hard for finals, and gotten along relatively well with your roommate. You deserve a pat on the back so you can realize what a great job you’ve done this past semester. When you take the time to reward yourself you’ll be able to realize how great you did this year. When you’re out shopping for other people this holiday season, take the time to purchase yourself something as well. A great present to buy yourself is college sports clothing from our college apparel stores. When you take the time to purchase college team apparel from us you’re showing your school spirit and you’re looking stylish. Reward yourself by purchasing college team apparel.

Pamper Yourself

No matter if you are a man or a woman pampering yourself is the best way to treat yourself. What relaxes you the most? Do you want an overall spa day? Do you enjoy getting your toes and nails painted? Do you like home facials with fancy products? Do you want to make your hair happy with a hair mask? What part of your body needs some loving? You could try to do an overall spa day and relax every single body parts that need some love. Start with a hair mask and lounge around all day in a fluffy bathrobe as you avoid facing the cold. A hair mask will help to condition your hair and get it into great shape. Your hair is just as important as every other part of your body and needs attention. Take some time to go get a manicure or pedicure or do it yourself. Pick a fun, festive, or your usual nail color and paint your nails. Make an at-home facial with holistic products or buy some fancy facial products to primp yourself. Whatever you decide remember to treat your body.

Cook For Yourself

It’s great going out to eat or coming home to a meal cooked by your parents after only eating cafeteria food, but sometimes you want to cook for yourself. If you’ve never cooked for yourself, try to start small and slowly work up to something a little bigger. If you like to eat healthy, flip through the millions of healthy websites that have great recipes. If you want to make yourself a fancy dessert, try that too. What kind of food do you like? Instead of ordering it when you go out to eat or having your parents cook it for you, try cooking it yourself. Whip up a really nice dinner and enjoy eating what you created. If you are a novice in the kitchen, try out some simple salads or bake some chicken to start small. Pick a dish that sounds yummy in your tummy.

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CHEST 39 40 41 42.5 44.5
HEM 39 40 41 42.5 44
WAIST 28-30 32-34 36 38 40