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Five Studying Tips During Midterm Week

At Flying Colors, we want you to stay comfortable this cold season. As the weather begins to feature snow and dropping temperatures, you’ll need to begin to invest in some comfortable clothing, especially as midterms approach. When midterms are here, it’s almost impossible to be thinking of anything else, mainly about what outfit will look best to make that cute boy or girl in class notice you. Midterms are about comfortable clothes, too much junk food, mainlining caffeine, and staying up all night to read about Shakespeare and physics. If this is your first dose of midterms, you’ll realize how little people actually notice what they are wearing. If you’re a pro at midterms, then try out some of these studying tips to ensure you ace your exams. As a gameday boutique, we offer gameday clothing that is comfortable and depicts your school spirit. Check out our gameday clothing selection for your school, and support your college team with gameday outfits that will provide comfort this midterm season.

Below are a few tips to help you ace your exams. To purchase comfortable and stylish gameday outfits, check out our website.

Create Your Own Study Guide

In most of your classes, you’ve probably received a study guide to help you focus on the areas you need to focus on for the exam. The study guide is probably thick and details everything you’ve learned from the beginning of the semester or quarter to the end. It’s almost impossible to remember what you learned at the beginning of the semester or quarter, so studying the provided study guides is a good idea. On the other hand, studies show that if you write out notes and see the notes in your own handwriting, you’re more liable to remember what exactly you need to remember. Instead of studying the electronic or typed up study guide, try making your own study guide by writing everything out. In addition, re-reading areas you’ve forgotten or learned months ago will help you focus on details and allow you to relearn the material.

Attend Review Sessions

You might have been doing this all semester, but most students don’t. Most students wait until the end of the semester to go to the review sessions. No matter what kind of student you are, it would be in your best interest to attend the review sessions because most of the time, the professor will tell you what you need to know at the review sessions. In most review sessions, you’ll learn the exact format of the exam and what the key concepts and focus will be. On the study guide, you’ll learn the basics of what needs to be known for the exam, but by attending the review sessions, you’ll be privy to information you wouldn’t otherwise know. Attend at least one review session to see the difference in how well you ace a test; you’ll notice how much better you do.

Start Early

This tip applies to anything school related. Start early on projects, papers, and studying for exams to eliminate the anxiety and stress you’ll feel if you start the night before. You might be one of the many people who procrastinate everything, but by starting early you’ll feel prepared and anxiety-free. Don’t cram in studying the night before; instead, create a schedule almost a month in advance to prepare yourself for each exam. It might seem a little excessive, but in the end, you’ll be happy that you did it. If there’s a class that’s been giving you trouble, you’ll be able to ask the necessary questions to figure out what exactly you need to concentrate on to ace the exam. If you follow one tip on this list, make it starting early when preparing for exams so you’ll perform at tip-top shape.

Group Study Sessions

Group study sessions are great because if there is anything you don’t know, someone in the group can probably re-teach it to you. Group studying will help you relearn the areas that you’re struggling with and ask the appropriate questions to ensure you have a firm grasp on the subject. Group studying will help to separate parts of the study guide and allow you to quiz each other on the different areas. Group studying is really a double edged sword, however, because if you choose a group to study with that’s made up of your friends, you may have a difficult time studying. If the group is made up of people you feel like you’ll spend too much time socializing with, it might be best to study by yourself or with a person you know will keep you on task.

Quiz Yourself

If you don’t do well with studying with others, either because you like to socialize or you can’t concentrate, you can always study by yourself. When you study by yourself, try quizzing yourself as well. Make flashcards with questions from the study guide on them. Depending on the subject you’re studying, the flashcards might be multiple choice questions, essay questions, equations for science or math, or vocabulary words for an English class. Color coding your flashcards is also a great idea to help you keep everything organized. Quizzing yourself and talking to yourself out loud will help your memory recognize certain words and remember the answer.

Keep in mind that you should get a lot of rest the night before your exam and not show up like you rolled out of bed. You can dress comfortably, but take the time to get ready, eat a healthy breakfast, and look over your notes. Our gameday clothing will offer you the comfort you need for sitting in a chair during an exam for hours and will allow you to look put together to survive midterms week.

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